What people are saying about  Forte's music

About Impressionist Prints”

“It is a great piece! The waltz and the Moulin Rouge are masterful. BRAVO!!!” - Jack Stamp, Director of Bands, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


“Wow! Your score is even more impressive after further study! It is a real substantial work for our repertoire.” - Robert Hansbrough, Cond., The College of Saint Rose Wind Ensemble, Albany, NY


“It is delightful music; wonderful to listen to, and should have a wide audience of faithful listeners” - Gilbert Mitchell, LtCol AUS Ret.


About "OLYMPUS - four mythological legends”

“Dear Aldo, One of the reasons I program your Olympus with Honor Bands is simple.  It’s the closest the kids will come to experiencing the Orchestration of Debussy in the band world.  Aphrodite, to my mind, is a veritable lesson in Orchestration, transparent, lean and therefore ripe with possibility for great expression and Music-making.  Your Music is honest, sincere and most importantly it IS you.  Efficient, musical Orchestration combined with your personality and honest touch makes for a great experience which the kids ALWAYS love and which the audiences always experience as refreshing.” - Stephen Melillo, Composer/Conductor


About "Van Gogh Portraits”

“It was my pleasure to conduct this great work.” - Roger Cichy, Composer/Conductor


About "Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Band"

 "Your concerto was very successful at the Mid-Europe (Schladming, Austria). Honestly, I think it's a great piece" - Jacob De Haan, Composer, The Netherlands


"It was a pleasure to conduct your masterful concerto" - Col Timothy W. Foley, Commander, "The President's Own" United States Marine Band


About "Concerto for Horn and Orchestra"(Band transcription)

 "I am so happy! We played your horn concerto this weekend. It was a great success. Thank you so much for this masterwork!" - Karl Gamper, Conductor, Militarmusik der Voralberg, Bregenz, Austria


About Pastiche - trombone concerto

"Your music is so fantastic" - Katsumi Hagiya, Principal Trombonist, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra


 Other comments

"WOW! One piece after another is just beautiful! Your style has such beautiful harmonies, and such gorgeous instrumental colors! - Eric Ewazen, Composer


"You are one of our most notable composers.To perform one of your selections with you in the audience was the highlight of my weekend. It will always be a special memory in my career." - Edward S. Lisk, Conductor


“DALI”and“Symphony for the Millennium”are splendid works—Martin Ellerby, Composer, UK


“Aldo, you do GREAT work. Folks need to know, if they commission you they will get their MONEY’s worth!” - Ralph Ford, Composer/Director of Bands, Troy University


La verdad es que su música me acompaña en diversos conciertos pues me siento muy cómodo con ella y he comprobado el gran éxito que tiene tanto para los músicos como para el público. Pues creo que Ud. tiene un estilo personal y particular en la creación bandística y me siento, como le decía, muy identificado con él.  Jose Rafael Pascual - Vilaplana, Director Titular de la Banda Municipal de Bilbao, Spain