Aldo Rafael Forte, Composer


Chamber Music/Mixed Ensembles                                                

Except where noted,  all titles published by ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS are sold in pdf format and are sent electronically once payment is received.                                                                         

"Tableaux - ballet for double quintet"  (BQ and WQ)  (1999) - 16 min. - MP3  CD Recording: "Tableaux" CD NAXOS CD, USAF Heritage of America Band Tradewinds WQ and Heritage BQ 1 Lt Keelan McCamey, Cond.  AMAZON   program notes pg. 1  pg.2    ( previous contract with  Ludwig Music terminated April 1, 2005).   publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS



"Qiuntet for Woodwinds and Horn" (1977) - 4.5 min. - MP3  by the USAF Band Wind Quintet, Bolling, AFB in 1982.  Written as a student piece when Forte was attending Graduate School at the University of Southern Mississippi. publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS



"Petite Suite for Clarinet Quartet" (Eb, 2 Bb, Bb Bass) (1994) - 7 min. - In five movements - MP3s -  I. Sonata breve II.Valse III. Intermezzo IV. Chanson V. Gigue  CD recording: NAXOS "Tales, Suites, and Divertimenti" CD      AMAZON    USAF Heritage of America Band American Clarinet Quartet ,  program notes    publisher: Ludwig Masters


"Arias and Dances for Clarinet Quartet" (Eb, 2 Bb, Bb Bass) (1996)- 9 min. - MP3s:   I. Arias II. Dances  CD recording   NAXOS "Tableaux" CD USAF Heritage of America Band American Clarinet Quartet,   AMAZON   program notes        publisher: Ludwig Masters


"American Sketches for Saxophone Quartet" (sop., alto, ten., bari) (1996) - 14 min. –In 5 mvts. ISmalltown Records CD #STR CD 203-Maastricht Saxophone Quartet (The Netherlands),       publisher: Ludwig Masters


"Diversions and Lament for Horn Quartet"  (4 Hn.) (1999) - 14 min. - in 5 mvts - MP3 demo  NO CD AVAILABLE.   program notes    publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS    complete set: $40.00




"Dance Movements for tuba and two percussionists" (2007) - 14 min. - in five movements - MP3s:  I. Overture  II. Kimonos   III. Gargoyles      IV. Nocturne   V. Tropical Moves, NO CD AVAILABLE.  program notes    


















"Five Bagatelles for Flute and Harp" (1997) - 14 min.  - in five movements - I. Rhapsody  II. Sevillana  III. Pavanne  IV. Estampie  V.  Colours  - listen                 program notes                  score read only