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CONCERT BAND (including wind concertos with concert band)  all pieces are Grade 5/6 except where noted


DALI   - 18min. –  MP3 , Bright Sunlit Morning CD – The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards, London, UK,  Major Graham Jones, cond., Polyphonic label UK. Aulos Sinfonisches Blasorchester of Luzern, Switzerland CD, José Rafael Pascual- Vilaplana, conducting One of Forte's most often performed works. program notes      Publisher:  Studio Music Co UK


Dance Suite on Spanish and Latin Rhythms - 10 min. -  listen     AMAZON "Statements" CD.  Forte's most popular work. The piccolo trumpet gets a workout on this one. Kjos Music states that this work is - "Destined to become a part of the standard concert band repertoire". Boston University Wind Ensemble live performance                     publisher: Kjos Music


Danzas Brillantes - In memory of Maria Diaz - 12 min. – GRADE 4,  3 mvts.  listen NM All State Band   AMAZON    program notes      publisher: C. Alan Publications


Elegy and Dance for Oboe and Band - 13 min. - MP3        publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS  pay pal button will be available soon. In the meantime contact Aldo to purchase


Impressionist Prints - six masters in two galleries - 20 min., ,  You Tube,   In two parts (galleries), each consisting of 3 mini tone poems played without pause. Each “gallery” can be played alone. One of Forte's most often performed works        publisher:     TRN


Olympus-four mythological legends  - 12 min. - GRADE 4 – 4 mvts. –MP3: I. Vulcan- of  fire and metal, II. Hermes-swift of motion, III. Aphrodite-of love and beauty, IV. Poseidon-of horses and the sea, CD recordings: 2000 Kentucky All State Band, StephenMelillo,Cond.      Daehn Publications Band Music of Distinction CDs # 6 - 9,  Air National Guard Band of the Southwest "American Songs" CD, Capt. Eric Patterson, Cond.     program notes     publisher: Barnhouse


Pastiche - concerto dances for trombone and band  - 14min.-   MP3        program notes     publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS   Stay tuned for more editions of this work.     download Solo Trombone part   


€œSavannah River Overture - 3 min. -GRADE 4,   MP3     NO CD AVAILABLE, perfect opener for a concert.  Commissioned by 2007 GA District I. Honor Band,   publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS    SOON TO BE RELEASED IN NEW EDITION


SPIRIT - tone pictures after the B2 bomber - 14 min.  - 5 mvts. - I. and II. MP3     III. MP3   IV. and V. MP3    program notes   publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS

Whiteman AFB News Article                                                  


Symphony for the Millennium - 15 min –part I. MP3   part II. MP3,   CD recordings: “Bright Sunlit Morning” CD, The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards, London, UK, Major Graham O. Jones, Cond., Polyphonic CD UK,  “Milestones” CD AMAZON University of Georgia Wind Symphony, Dwight Satterwhite, cond. , Summit Records.         program notes                   publisher: Studio Music Co. UK


 SYNERGY -  concerto for band - 8 min.-  MP3  AMAZON,              publisher: TRN


The Emerald Suite  - 10 min. - GRADE 4 - 3 mvts. - MP3s - I. St. Patrick and the snakes  II. By the Glen III. Gigue,   program notes  publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS 


The Riddle of the Sphinx - 13 min.-- MP 3,   Mark Records CD #2871, The work is composed almost entirely on thematic transformations of 2 contrasting original motifs introduced in the opening measures of the work.      program notes        publisher:  TRN Music Publisher


The Thunderbirds - 9 min. - MP3   Another MP3 on YOU TUBE, CD recording: NAXOS "Frontiers" CD   A showcase piece contrasting flying “birds” (woodwinds) and the awesome and ponderous nature of the planes (brass and percussion) of the USAF’s premiere flying show team!   program notes       publisher: C. Alan Publications


Van Gogh Portraits- 17 min. - MP 3 , another MP3 on  YOU TUBE     "Portraits" CD  and  Mark CD # 5800-MCD)  One of Forte's all time popular work. Often performed with projection of paintings which inspired the work. On the required concert band festival list in The Netherlands.  program notes 1     program notes 2   publisher: TRN  


Vestida de Luto" - draped in mourning black  - 14 min. – MP3  . Dramatic tone poem. It could be said that it is a 21st Century band work with a program patterned somewhat after Strauss’s Death and Transfiguration.                program notes           publisher: C. Alan Publications


Vincent's Canvases€  - a Van Gogh sequel - 11 min. - GRADE 4  -  3 mvts. - short sequel to Forte's Van Gogh Portraits.       program notes       publisher:             ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS