"DYNAMO" (2006)- (4 Euph., 4 Tba, 2 Perc.) - 9 min. - MP3 - CD Recording: "Legacy" CD, AMAZON , Tennessee Tech University Tuba - Euphonium Ensemble, 40th Anniversary All-Star Alumni Ensemble, R. Winston Morris,     program notes     score read only




"Cortege for Juana Maria"  (2018) - (4 Euph, 4 Tba., 2 Perc.) - 4 min. - listen to world premiere - Tennessee Tech Tuba Euphonium Ensemble, R. Winston Morris ,    program notes,    score read only




"Dance Rhapsody for Tuba and Piano"  NEW EDITION 2018   view read only sheet music     program notes read only      listen to midi realization

   listen to world premiere performance      



"Dance Rhapsody for Tuba and Band"      NEW EDITION 2018      score read only      program notes    listen to midi realization

solo tuba part read only (same as orchestral edition part)




"Dance Movements for tuba and two percussionists" (2007) - 14 min. - in five movements -  MP3s:    I. Overture   II. Kimonos   III. Gargoyles                                IV. Nocturne     V. Tropical Moves              program notes      




"Canzonetta for Euphonium and Band" - 7 min. - GRADE 3      listen          CD: Amazon          program notes                 publisher: Ludwig Masters Music

"Dance Rhapsody for Tuba and ORCHESTRA"    NEW EDITION 2019         score read only      program notes             listen to midi realization

Solo Tuba part read only






With the GREAT R. WINSTON MORRIS, undisputed TUBA GURU!!! His great musicianship has inspired countless composers including myself to compose for the Tuba and Euphonium. He has shown the world that the tuba is a noble instrument capable of the most exalted musical utterances!!! Proud to have know him for close to half a century!

Aldo Rafael Forte, Composer




Except where noted,  all titles are published by ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS are sold in pdf format and are sent electronically once payment is received.                                                                                                                 

Tuba - Euphonium Ensemble


"SEGUIDILLAS- repetitions and ostinatos for tuba ensemble" (1995)- (4 Euph., 4 Tba., 2 Perc.) - 4 min. - MP3  - CD recording:   "Symphonia" CD,  AMAZON , Symphonia Tuba Ensemble, R. Winston Morris, Cond.        program notes            publisher: Ludwig Masters


"Tubas Latinas for tuba ensemble" (1991) - (2 Euph., 3 Tba., optional Perc.) - 6 min. - MP3  CD recording: "Unleash the Beast" CD AMAZON Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble R. Winston Morris, Cond.    publisher: Tuba - Euphonium Press     (Cimarron Music Press)


"Adagio and Rondo for tuba ensemble"(1973) -  (2 Euph, 2 Tba., can be played as a quartet) - 4 min. -MP3  CD recording: "Symphonia" CD, AMAZON  Aldo's oldest composition on the market. Composed for R. Winston and TTU Tuba Ensemble in 1973.   publisher: Tuba-Euphonium Press   (Cimarron Music Press)