Aldo Rafael Forte, Composer


Chamber Music                                                

Except where noted,  all titles published by ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS are sold in pdf format and are sent electronically once payment is received.                                                  


Double Quintet (BQ and WQ)


"Tableaux - ballet for double quintet"  (BQ and WQ)  (1999) - 16 min. - MP3  CD Recording: "Tableaux" CD NAXOS CD, USAF Heritage of America Band Tradewinds WQ and Heritage BQ 1 Lt Keelan McCamey, Cond.  AMAZON   program notes pg. 1  pg.2    ( previous contract with  Ludwig Music terminated April 1, 2005).   publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS




Wind Quintets

"Petite Overture for Wind Quintet" (2006)3 min. - MP3 of concert band version - short peppy piece, great opener.     program notes      publisher:   ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS 



"Caribbean Capers for Wind Quintet and 2 percussionists" (2006) - c. 6 min. - NO RECORDING AVAILABLE -infused with Latin musical flavor and Latin percussion, this piece is sure to be a hit with any audience. For the WQ of the USAF Band of Mid-America, Dawn Striker, leader  publisher:  ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS




"Qiuntet for Woodwinds and Horn" (1977) - 4.5 min. - MP3  by the USAF Band Wind Quintet, Bolling, AFB in 1982.  Written as a student piece when Forte was attending Graduate School at the University of Southern Mississippi. publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS





"Petite Suite for Clarinet Quartet" (Eb, 2 Bb, Bb Bass) (1994) - 7 min. - In five movements - MP3s -  I. Sonata breve II.Valse III. Intermezzo IV. Chanson V. Gigue  CD recording: NAXOS "Tales, Suites, and Divertimenti" CD      AMAZON    USAF Heritage of America Band American Clarinet Quartet ,  program notes    publisher: Ludwig Masters


"Arias and Dances for Clarinet Quartet" (Eb, 2 Bb, Bb Bass) (1996)- 9 min. - MP3s:   I. Arias II. Dances  CD recording   NAXOS "Tableaux" CD USAF Heritage of America Band American Clarinet Quartet,   AMAZON   program notes        publisher: Ludwig Masters


"American Sketches for Saxophone Quartet" (sop., alto, ten., bari) (1996) - 14 min. –In 5 mvts. ISmalltown Records CD #STR CD 203-Maastricht Saxophone Quartet (The Netherlands),       publisher: Ludwig Masters


"Diversions and Lament for Horn Quartet"  (4 Hn.) (1999) - 14 min. - in 5 mvts - MP3 demo  NO CD AVAILABLE.   program notes                             publisher: ALDO FORTE MUSIC PRESS    complete set: $40.00





"Dance Movements for tuba and two percussionists" (2007) - 14 min. - in five movements - MP3s:  I. Overture  II. Kimonos   III. Gargoyles      IV. Nocturne   V. Tropical Moves, NO CD AVAILABLE.  program notes    








Other Chamber Works








"Ochenta - for classical guitar"  (2001) - NO RECORDING AVAILABLE.  Short work dedicated to the composer's father on his father's 80th birthday.



"E-Motions for unaccompanied bass trombone"  (1997),


"Three Novelties for Unaccompanied Trombone"  (1979)









"Five Bagatelles for Flute and Harp" (1997) - 14 min.  - in five movements - I. Rhapsody  II. Sevillana  III. Pavanne  IV. Estampie  V.  Colours  - listen                 program notes                  score read only